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The Nobel Museum’s aim is to spread knowledge as well as to create interest and discussion around the natural sciences and culture through creative learning and exhibition techniques, modern technology and elegant design.
At the Nobel Museum, you will learn more about the Nobel Prize and its founder, as well as the Nobel Laureates and their creative endeavors. The Nobel Museum is situated in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful 18th-century buildings.

The idea of ideas
Alfred Nobel (1833–1896) was a cosmopolitan with a background in St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Paris. Along with his inventions, he also constantly sought solutions to different problems. The invention of dynamite solved some problems, but also created new ones. Later in his life, Alfred Nobel had the idea of ideas – the Nobel Prize.

The famous will
Alfred Nobel wrote in his will that physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace would each year receive a part of the revenues of his fortune. The Nobel Prize was already from the start a world event. No other prize spanned over so many subjects and nationalities.

Look up!
More than 800 Laureates have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Each Laureate is presented in a random order through a portrait and Prize citation along a unique cableway in the ceiling. The Laureates of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, instituted in 1968, are also presented.

A century of creativity
Some of the world’s most important ideas and discoveries can be found among the Nobel Prizes. The Nobel Museum poses thought-provoking questions. How can we best use our creativity and how can the environment foster the creative process?

Walk along the timeline and experience ten decades of development through the Nobel Prizes against the backdrop of history.

Thought-provoking films
The work of the Nobel Laureates is an exciting adventure of successes and failures. These short films tell of the courage to go on without losing hope and inspiration; sit back and look into Marie Curie’s laboratory or meet Nelson Mandela as he leaves the prison. Gain insight into Niels Bohr’s think-tank or visit one of the world’s most famous Nobel Prize milieus in Cambridge.

Bistro Nobel
In creative milieus you often find informal meeting places for spontaneous unplanned meetings. The Nobel Museum’s Bistro Nobel is inspired by the café culture in Vienna, Berlin and Paris. After your meal, look underneath your chair.
Bistro Nobel is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel.

The Museum Shop
The creativity of the Nobel Laureates is also found in the museum shop. A paradise for learning enthusiasts seeking to learn more about the Nobel Laureates and the prize subjects. Here you will also find the chocolate Nobel medal.

Research in progress
The Nobel Museum is a knowledge bank with active research, including seminars, lectures and debates about current issues. 

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Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer dies at 90

The author Nadine Gordimer, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991 has passed away in Johannesburg, South Africa, aged 90. 

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Summer at the Nobel Museum

At the Nobel Museum, summer starts on June 1st with extended opening hours and additional guided tours.

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The Nobel Museum returns to Japan

The Nobel Museum returns to Japan with the travelling exhibition Sketches of Science. 

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