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Under the headline “talk-about” short lectures are held every day, dealing with the lesser known questions about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, or the Nobel Laureates.

Talk-about is held in Bistro Nobel, where you can sit down, order something light to eat or drink, and hear about something that you didn't know. 

The topics will vary from time to time and may range from the question of posthumous Nobel Prizes to what Alfred Nobel really felt about peace, and everything in between. 

The lectures are around 15 minutes and are held in English. 

Showing now: Experiment

17 September 2016 – 10 September 2017

Explore the wide range of experiments from throughout Nobel history.

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December artefact – Nobel Laureates 2016

The Nobel Laureates of 2016 presented us with artefacts ranging from clogs to manuscripts to molecular models. 

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November artefact – Paul Modrich

When Paul Modrich, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2015, visited the Nobel Museum he gave us a canvas print showing Human Mismatch Recognition Protein MutSα. But he also gave us a promise that when he went to his family’s summerhouse in New Mexico, he would pack and send us a chemistry-memory from his childhood.

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October artefact – Heavy Water

A scale and two glass jars filled with water. One says H2O – regular water – and the other D2O – heavy water. What can these jars possibly say about the universe?

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