The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World

Federação das Indústria do Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World is an exhibition about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, the Laureates, and how Nobel Prize-awarded efforts have shaped and continue to change our world.

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World uses unique objects and documents, original artistic interpretations, and advanced exhibition techniques.

The exhibition consists of five pavilions dealing with five different themes:

• The Nobel Prize provides an introduction to the Nobel Prize and its areas.

• Alfred Nobel presents Alfred Nobel, his inventions and industrial operations, and the background to his will.

• The Nobel Prize Over the Decades gives an overvew of the history of the Nobel Prize, and of the Laureates and their work.

• The Nobel Prize in Our Daily Lives demonstrates the link between Nobel Prize-awarded efforts and phenomena in everyday life.

• The Nobel Prize and the Future addresses the question of how Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries may affect the future and of what future Nobel Prizes may involve.

Selection of artefacts on show

Flasks from Alfred Nobel's laboratory. 







The magnetic horn was invented by Simon van der Meer to focus particle beams. For example, it was used for focusing antiproton beams in an experiment to find the W and Z particles. 



The note pad of Mario Vargas Llosa comes from El País, Spain's major daily newspaper, to which Vargas Llosa sometimes contributes.







For a long time this wooden bear had its place on Martti Ahtisaari's writing desk. As the President of Finland and as a peace negotiator, Ahtisaari worked for a more peaceful world.

Practical information


Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Praia de Botafogo, 190.

Opening hours

Monday–Thursday, 10 am–7 pm



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

13 March 2014–19 April 2014

São Paulo, Brazil

11 November 2013–10 December 2013


The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World is supported by


The Nobel Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, on the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Laureates, Alfred Nobel and related topics.

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Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

On March 12th, the Nobel Museum will open the exhibition The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World in Rio de Janeiro, where it will be shown at Fundação Getulio Vargas until April 19th.

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New artifacts at the Nobel Museum

Artefacts donated by the 2013 Nobel Laureates are now on show at the Nobel Museum.  

Publicerad 6 Feb. Comments

Newly built on the Nobel Prizes

After a week of reconstruction our exhibition that focus on the current Nobel Prizes, and the field in which the Nobel Prizes are awarded, is now open. 

Publicerad 22 Jan. Comments


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