The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World


The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World is a temporary exhibition that expands the Nobel Museum's permanent exhibitions. It takes as its starting point the phrase in the last will of Alfred Nobel that states that the Nobel Prize should be awarded to those who “have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind” and highlights how Nobel Prize-awarded efforts have shaped and continue to change our world.

The Nobel Prize in Our Daily Lives demonstrates the link between Nobel Prize-awarded efforts and phenomena in everyday life.

Photo: A pair of blue denim jeans, on display in the exhibition. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1905 to Adolf von Bayer for amongst other things, his synthesis of indigo – which is used to dye blue jeans.  




The Nobel Prize and the Future addresses the question of how Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries may affect the future and of what future Nobel Prizes may involve.

Photo: The “Future” section. The visitors can vote on the best way towards a better future. 

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World is based on a travelling exhibition which premiered in São Paulo in November 2013 and still tours the world. 

All photos: Åke E:son Lindmark © Nobel Museum

A film about graphene

A new short film, produced by the Nobel Museum, about the two-dimensional material graphene. 


The Nobel Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, on the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Laureates, Alfred Nobel and related topics.

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New exhibitions over the world

The Nobel Museum are opening new exhibitons all over the world. We can be seen from the Americas to Asia. 

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Nobel Creations, behind the scenes

On December 5th, the exhibition Nobel Creations was inaugurated. Take a look behind the scenes.  

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Travelling – Korea and India

During the fall of 2014, two travelling exhibitions can bee seen on display - in Seoul and in New Delhi.

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