Catching the dewdrops, reflecting the cosmos


Harry Martinson's world

Harry Martinson's authorship spans a wide range. He was fascinated by the wonders of nature on all scales. He searched for the place and direction of man in our world. In 1974 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for a poetry that is "Catching the dewdrops, reflecting the cosmos


Accompanied by artefacts, images, sounds and scents we follow Harry Martinson from village child to Nobel Laureate. It is simultaneously a journey between the dewdrop and the cosmos. The exhibition takes us from the smallest to the infinity of the universe. Martinson's depiction of nature and life at sea has been dedicated two rooms for thought, illustrated by the author himself and the photographer Lennart Nilsson. The cosmical poetry of his space epic Aniara has been given it's own forum and in film the dreams of the young Harry Martinson are depicted. 


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