Nobel Creations – The Nobel Prize 2016


Tom Tits Experiment, Södertälje

Can artistic interpretations explain a Nobel Prize? 

Nobel Creations is about the 2016 Nobel Prize, with descriptive and interpretive elements. 

With the help of fashion, music, crafts and photography, students from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm School of PhotographyFriends of Handicraft School and the Royal College of Music (KMH) have created free interpretations of this year's Nobel Prizes. The works are inspired by the discoveries and achievements made by the Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. 

The exhibition explores that which unites Nobel Laureates, artists and creators: creativity. The courage to thinking outside of the box, daring to question established theories, and innovative combinations of insights from different fields are all hallmarks of creativity.  

”To work with Nobel Creations is one of the highlights of the year at the Royal College of Music. It is at the same time creative, cross-disciplinary and technologically cutting-edge. We get to delve in together with other institutions in Stockholm and each we get struck with an overwhelming feeling when everything comes together and just works. ”
says Hans Lindetorp, Lecturer at the department of music production and media production at KMH.

”To be working with and interpreting something as big internationally as the Nobel Prize is both exciting and challenging. To visually interpret the six different prizes in a way that both conveys and tells about not only the individual prizes but also their meaning is a challenge that we look forward to with great anticipation”
says Mats Andrén, course director at the Stockholm School of Photography.

Let yourself be inspired byt the many expressions, shapes, materials, notes and foremost the acts of creation. Take part of the creative process from idea to end result. What inspired the students and what were the challenges that they faced? Which creative shoices were made during the process? 

The exhibtion is shown at Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje.


In 2011 the Nobel Museum initiated a cooperation with Beckmans College of Design. Students of fashion were given the task of exploring what unites Nobel Laureates and designers: creativity. The result was six creations that were shown in the exhibition Fashion Innovation. The cooperation continued with Fashion Innovation 2 och Fashion Innovation 3, which also included interpretations in music created by students from the Royal College of Music.

The exhibition Nobel Creations in 2014 and 2015 expanded the cooperation with Beckmans College of Design and the Royal College of Music. The results were larger exhibitions with more forms of expression and a greater scientific depth.


Participating students

Beckmans College of Design

Adam Swärd
Benedicte Eggesbo
Eli Solberg
Emma Alvin
Emma Wåhlin
Enisa Hajdarevic
Erik Olsson
Felicia Åström
Fo Phan
Jannica Hagfors
Jon Allenstam
Kim Linghoff
Pontus Skoglund
Sandra Saeidi
Sofia Isdahl

Stockholm School of Photography

Alexandra Schuman
Alice Åkerblom
Alma Bengtsson
Amanda Gylling
Anna Nordlander
Fredrika Eriksson
Frida-My Sundqvist
Gina Mannberg
Johan Nilsson
Julia Rajkovic
Martin Beck-Tuvesson
Melina Reid
Nora Tysklind
Oliva Walter Arte
Per Björklund
Sanna Krantz
Åsa Glifberg
Åsa Haleby
Alexander Bergenholtz
Anastasia Mashkovitch
Anna Forsberg
Mireille Becker
Erik Jakobsson Ögnelooh
Hanna Markne
Karin Stenlund
Linn Bergsträm
Linnea Herner
Maddzan Lindblad
Majken Eriksson
Marianne Konakovic
Miriam Ventura
Philip Tolgén
Sofia Mäcs Nielsen
Thilde Dehlsen
Viktor Johansson

Friends of Handicraft School

Anna-Karin Lindqvist
Arianna Funk
Emelie Ericsson
Emma Holmberg
Johanna Söderquist
Julia Frostell
Lisa Hagström
Lisa Imberg
Sarah Luna

Royal College of Music

Institutionen för Jazz

Calle Stenman
Hanna Bylund
Ingrid Malmén
Jessica Curran
Martin Wirén
Tobias Johansson

Musik- och medieproduktion

Claudia Jonas
Erik Peterson
Felix Brag
Ludvig Klint
Nanno Veen
Simon Sjöstedt
Sophie Verdonk

Participating teachers

Beckmans College of Design

Ulrika Elovsson

Stockholm School of Photography

Mats Andrén

Friends of Handicraft School

Åsa Pärsson

Royal College of Music

Hans Lindetorp
Johan Ramström
Ola Bengtsson


The Nobel Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, on the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Laureates, Alfred Nobel and related topics.

Showing now: Experiment

17 September 2016 – 10 September 2017

Explore the wide range of experiments from throughout Nobel history.

From the blog


June artefact – a death mask

57 years after the death of Boris Pasternak, Nobel Laureate in Literature 1958, his great-granddaughter Vera Kovalskaya donated his death mask and a cast of his right hand to the Nobel museum.

Publicerad 1 Jun. Comments

April artefact – models, of molecules and laureates

The 2016 Nobelprize in Physiology or Medicin was unshared awarded the cellbiologist Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi for showing how living cells can break down and recycle their own components. The phenomenon is called autophagy which means “self eating”.

Ohsumi donated two different objects to the Nobelmuseum: one miniature model of himself and some protein molecule models.

Publicerad 31 Mar. Comments

March artefact – an early graph

Physics Laureate David Thouless donated an early handplotted graph to the Nobel Museum. This was the first experimental data showing that the Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions – until then only predicted in theory – worked.

Publicerad 3 Mar. Comments


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