Activities for families and children

The Bubble Chamber 

The Bubble Chamber consists of two rooms for children, where you will learn about the Nobel Prize subjects and about Alfred Nobel.

The Road to my Own Nobel Prize!

The museum is full of things that Nobel Prize recipients have discovered. As a child visiting the museum you are offered The Road to My Own Nobel Prize, a booklet which gives you some tricky questions about those things. The answers are to be found in the museum, but to find them, you'll have to look around! 

The Timeline of the Nobel Prize

The children's track in the timeline

In the Nobel Prize timeline, situated in the center of the Nobel Museum, you'll find touch screens where you can learn about the history of the Nobel Prize. All the touch screens offer tracks for children in Swedish and English.

To book a guided tour for children, please email:

Photo: Martha Bojassen, Jeanette Peterberg

Products for children in the museum shop

In the museum shop there is a wide range of products suitable for children. Here you will find inspiring books in different subjects and languages, and different products aiming to rouse curiosity and creativity in children.


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