Making Peace: stories

Around each one of us are individuals who have either themselves experienced conflicts or have inherited them from parents or relatives. As a complement to the exhibition Making Peace, the Nobel Museum wants to tell their stories. During the spring of 2013 the Nobel Museum educators have met with a group of youths who arrived to Sweden as children, as refugees, alone and have let them tell their stories. With a starting point in the photographs from Making Peace, a memory, a feeling, a story has been chosen and a digital narrative created. Stockholm Culture School/Speaking Youth have guided these youths in their creative and practical work.

These are five strong stories of their experiences. They deal with how it is to grow under insecure circumstances and then arriving in Sweden. These narratives make a complement to the exhibition Making Peace.

Javid describes working with the exhibition:

”My film is about some of my childhood memories that I thought it could be interesting to tell, for they are nothing like the childhood memories of anyone else who grew up in a safe country. ”

Pictures from the films of the students:

House, burning Car, exploding

During the fall of 2013, the Nobel Museum will continue working with the theme of peace. Starting from the photographs and the stories a program for schools will be created in which high school students are given the opportunity to meet conflicts and the endeavour for peace on both a global and an individual level. In discussions and practical excercises topics as human rights, international cooperation and allocation of resources will be dealt with. In which way can one contribute to peace? Which is my responsibility? The Nobel Museum attempts to aid young students of today to answer these questions.

Making Peace

A photo exhibition by the International Peace Bureau (IPB)


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