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Facts and information about the Nobel Prize and its laureates have been gathered from the early 20th century up until today. Details that over time were considered less important or even inappropriate were simply left out. LGBT-related issues are conspicuous by their absence. The biographies of Nobel laureates, however, have plenty of stories about other types of being on the outside. Here we will discuss how being an outsider can inspire innovation and creative solutions to major problems. In the exhibition Insider/Outsider will explain the importance of appreciating that which is different in order to achieve progress. Here you can see how departure from the norm complicated the lives of many Nobel laureates. This has also resulted in many new ways of solving problems. In these three videos, key individuals from the Nobel Prize system share their favourites. Before discussing being an outsider in more detail, we will first examine its opposite, being an insider.

Who is "normal”? It is an almost impossible to say who is "normal" or who is an average laureate. It's simply not possible to determine what constitutes what we can call being on the inside or belonging. With this in mind, we can begin looking at that which deviates and is called into question, that which is outside and alienated. In this exhibition, we examine nine Nobel laureates. To help clarify our approach, we have divided them into three wholly unscientifically determined categories: stubborn individuals, laureates of the "wrong" gender, and laureates of the "wrong" ethnicity.

Article One

Article One is a collaboration between The Army Museum, The Swedish History Museum, The Nobel Museum, The National Museum of Science and Technology, The Police Museum, Riksidrottsmuseet and The Royal Armoury, and is organised by The Unstraight museum with support from Svenska institutet.

Tirana, Albania 13–26 May 2013

During the period 13–26 May 2013 the exhibition Article One was shown at the National History Museum in Tirana, Albania. 


The Nobel Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, on the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Laureates, Alfred Nobel and related topics.

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