Lecture by Oliver Sacks on May 22nd.

Neale Wheeler Watson Lecture


Every spring, the Research Department invites an international scholar of excellence to give the annual Neale Wheeler Watson lecture.


Oliver Sacks: "Narrative and Medicine: The Case History" 

Oliver Sacks

Tuesday May 22th 2012, Börssalen, 16.00-17.30
The number of seats is limited.

Medicine is both an art and science, according to Oliver Sacks, and it is concerned with the human being as a whole. And although it is crucial to examine and test one's patients using objective criteria (as far as possible), it is equally essential, especially in neurology or psychiatry, to understand the patient's own experince. In problems with the brain or mind the patient's personhood is central, and the study of disease and of identity cannot be disjoined. One may think of case history, then, as the intersection of biography and biology, an attempt to understand the broader human experience through individual experiences.


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