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On Tuesday May 22 2012 Professor Oliver Sacks was invited by the Nobel Museum in Stockholm to hold a lecture in Börssalen. The lecture was called "Narrative and Medicine: The Case History" and the audience listened attentively as Professor Sacks picked and chose from his long and fascinating career as a neurologist and writer. His model to focus on the individual story of each patient and write them down was first met with scepticism among colleagues. But the impact his pioneer work has had on medical investigations over the last decades is hard to exaggerate. He told us that he gets thousands of letters with questions and storys about a wide range of neurological conditions. Even though he does not have the possibilty to look closer on more than a few of them his fascination regarding humans and their differences has never diminished. As he puts it: "I don't remember a single lecture in med-school but I remember every patient".


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