Douglas Fry is guesting the World premiere for the movie "Man's first wars"

The swedish director and science journalist Martin Widman has made a thrilling documentary regarding the start of human warfare. This movie premiere is part of the Film&Science-festival. Specially invited to the movie premiere is the well known american anthropologist Douglas Fry who will give us his view on the subject. He works at Åbo University and has made several thorough studies regarding aggression, conflicts and conflict solving. He is also head editor for the journals Journal of Aggression and Conflict and Peace Research.

                                                 Douglas Fry

Have men always been thirsty for blood or are we in fact peaceloving at heart? Follow the traces back to the very first wars in history.  

Kulturhuset. Friday October 5th 18.00 and Saturday October 6th 15.00–16.30 

Ticket fee: 50 kronor. Booking >>


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