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Welcome to the Nobel Laureates' very own museum. Combine inspiring activities with food from Bistro Nobel for an unforgettable event.

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Are you looking for a venue with that extra something for your meeting, event, or company? Then the Nobel Museum is the place for you. We can handle everything from smaller team meetings to 250 guest receptions. The Nobel Museum is located in the center of Stockholm's Old Town. 


Bistro Nobel can offer everything from breakfast to dinner, from finger food to a Nobel Banquet menu. In the links below you can find some of our menu suggestions.  


Enhance you event with a guided tour, a workshop or an inspiring lecture. We can tailor activities to fit your needs. 

Guided tours

Ideas changing the world

The Nobel Prize is awarded those who “have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind”. In this guided tour we talk about the achievements that have truly changed the world. 

Cultures of Creativity

The permanent exhibition at the Nobel Museum is titled “Culture of Creativity”. In this guided tour we look closer at the Nobel Laureates from the perspective of creativity. 

The Nobel year

How does one become a Nobel Laureate, and what happens once the announcement is made? This tour is a journey through the Nobel year – from nomination to award ceremony.  

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Artefact of the month

June artefact – a death mask

57 years after the death of Boris Pasternak, Nobel Laureate in Literature 1958, his great-granddaughter Vera Kovalskaya donated his death mask and a cast of his right hand to the Nobel museum.

Publicerad 1 Jun. Comments

April artefact – models, of molecules and laureates

The 2016 Nobelprize in Physiology or Medicin was unshared awarded the cellbiologist Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi for showing how living cells can break down and recycle their own components. The phenomenon is called autophagy which means “self eating”.

Ohsumi donated two different objects to the Nobelmuseum: one miniature model of himself and some protein molecule models.

Publicerad 31 Mar. Comments

March artefact – an early graph

Physics Laureate David Thouless donated an early handplotted graph to the Nobel Museum. This was the first experimental data showing that the Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions – until then only predicted in theory – worked.

Publicerad 3 Mar. Comments


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