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Ideas can change the world. Nobel laureates have shown the courage to take new approaches and to challenge established truths. They have experienced the joys of discovery while not letting setbacks deter them. Their stubbornness has contributed to how we look at our world and how we live in it.

The Nobel Museum is all about the ideas that have changed the world. By engaging and inspiring everyone from preschool children, upper-secondary school students and researchers to the public at large, the Nobel Museum wants to have an impact on people and on the world we live in. The belief that every person is capable of changing the world is the basic idea behind the Nobel Prize and the reason for our optimism about our future.

The Nobel Museum opened in 2001. From the beginning, the Museum has been enriched by cooperation with its sponsors. Today, thanks to these cooperative ties, the Nobel Museum’s unique work spans the globe. For information and contact:

Carin Klaesson
08-534 818 05, 070-342 87 88

Main sponsors

A main sponsorship with the Nobel Museum means a close cooperation on many levels. Together we satisfy each others needs and create unique experiences in Nobel's spirit.

The Nobel Museum has a highly limited number of main sponsors, focusing on common values.



Project partners

The Nobel Museum has several cooperations with corporations and public institutions on both short term and long term projects. A project partnership with the Nobel Museum gives an opportunity to support not only exhibitions but also school activites and research.


AkzoNobel supports the exihibition projects at the Nobel Museum. 

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research supports projects in the Nobel Museum Research Department.

Public support

The Nobel Museum receives support from

City of Stockholm

Ministry of Education and Research

Ministry of Culture


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