Travelling exhibitions

The Nobel Museum has produced travelling exhibitions since its inception in 2001. Our tours range from the large ones appearing in exhibition halls from New Delhi to Tokyo, to small displays co-produced with schools in Uganda.

Understanding matter – The Nobel Prize in Physics

7 February 2017–4 May 2017

An exhibition that examines how our world is constructed, from the smallest components of matter to the gigantic universe and on how discoveries in physics have changed our world. 

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World

Ahmedabad, India

9 January 2017–12 February 2017

An exhibition about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, the Laureates, and how Nobel Prize-awarded efforts have shaped and continue to change our world.

Sketches of Science

Last shown in: Stockholm, Sweden

17 March 2016–4 September 2016

Photo sessions with Nobel Laureates

Previous travelling exhibitions

The Nobel Museum's previous travelling exhibitions. 


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